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  • One thing needful
    At the beginning we seem so empty Indeed a vacuum vessel Man is born with natural components Yet there must be something needful It overcomes all forms of disrespect And it’s embodied with higher standards For when one can afford this, all barriers are crushed down It is difficult to obtain but makes things goContinue reading “One thing needful”
    pardon me if it hurts time is responsible for everything we just have to assume it this way we are away from each other but the hearts get closer the response to nature is nature we have learnt a lot throughout and this have left a scar that will never be taken off and soContinue reading “PARDON ME”
    How could I had known The wayward attitude of mankind Towards their very own type Acting around like hungry lions Seeking for who to devour The senseless and unconscious kind to their fellow The cat that sits on the throne and let the rats regret their existence The furious rain that careless of what itContinue reading “OUR PLIGHT”
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